Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good things are coming...


Its been ages since I've done something that has given me butterflies in my stomach. This morning I dropped off 2 of my quilts to be exhibited at the 5th Annual Springwood High School Community Quilt Show. Quilts that I've bumbled through - I made them before I'd had any lessons. They're both slightly wonky and have my trademark puckers. When I made them I had no idea they'd one day go out in public. My darlings are going to be hanging amongst the works of some of the very best quilters in Australia. Yikes!!!

Okay, so I'm a bit nervous but I'm also very excited. I'm off soon to help hang them so it'll be fun to see what happens behind the scenes rather than just be a spectator. A nice feeling to be part of it all.

So stay tuned for photos of my quilts at the show...

The other thing that is coming soon is a e-zine called Fat Quarterly ( what a fantastic name!!!). It sounds like it'll be worth checking out.

Do you like the pictures? They're of a fabric I got a little while ago. I find myself getting it out just to look at it. It hasn't been pegged for any projects yet but I like knowing it's there, quietly waiting for the right moment.
The kettle's boiling.. "hold on, I'm coming!!!"


Monday, April 12, 2010

In love again.

Don't you just love it when the mail fairies visit!!!

The parcel on my doorstep when I got home today contained this gorgeous top. It's from an Etsy shop called In Love Again run by Carrie who recycles clothes and creates beautiful wearable art!

I found it because I was searching for "vintage bird fabric", which I sometimes do, just to see what's out there... Anyway this top caught my eye, I just loved everything about it, the colours, the comfy roominess (it was my size!!) and those appliqued bird and pears are such a delight!!! I didn't buy it straight away, it was when I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic that it may have sold that I knew I had to have it, so I jumped online and snapped it up.

It reminds me of when I was in my early teens and I discovered op shops. It was rare to find something exactly my size. I'd have to take hems up or down, sometimes making little matching bags with the cut off hem. Cinch in the waists, shorten sleeves or add frills. I'd play with pretty trims and appliques. Swap buttons from one to another. Dye them all sorts of colours. I even played with bleach to make patterns on fabrics and sandpaper to get a worn look.

So my parcel wasn't just a top. It was packed with fun colourful memories of a lifetime ago and renewed inspiration to get into the depths of my wardrobe and see what needs a bit of sprucing up.

But wait, that's not all...

...there was also this dear little handprinted deer card with a lovely message.
Thanks Carrie, You're a dear too!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caring Hearts Quilt Group - Airing of the Quilts

Today GBF and I went to The Caring Hearts Quilt Group's Airing of the Quilts Show ( that was a mouthful!!) . The Caring Hearts are a group of 12 women based in the lower Blue Mountains that make quilts for charities using donated fabrics.

The setting in the grounds of the Arms of Australia Inn Museum in Emu Plains was a great choice. A concert band was playing and the sausage sizzle was very tempting..

The autumn sun was out in force and although it was a bit windy it seemed to bring the quilts to life as they danced in the air.

The quilts were just beautiful!! lots of different styles and I loved the fabrics from different eras.

I'm loving anything with hexagons at the moment, I can definitely see a hexagon project coming up in the future.

This string quilt is so fantastic!! that red is so vibrant!!

This quilt of purple squares was GBF's favourite, he liked that the squares are all just a little bit uneven. That must be why he likes my quilts... I loved the quilting pattern that echoes the border and gives movement to the simplicity of the design. What a great quilt!!

I love looking at quilts!!!!

These scrappy squares are wonderful!!

I love this quilt!!!! So simple and so beautiful.

As I said earlier all the quilts are made with donated fabrics but to raise money for the batting they had a stall selling some fabrics so of course I had to do the charitable thing...

This ones good enough to eat!

Lots of fun fat quarters. There's a bit of a country theme going on.

And this is my treasure of the day. There's lots of metallic gold highlights and the colours are so rich and gorgeous. In fact I think i'll go and have a look in my fabrics and see what would go well with it..


My Official Blog Opening

Yay!! I've finally started a blog!! After all the hours I spend reading other peoples blogs I thought it was about time I gave out a bit to the bloggy world too.

So where do I start? My name is Rachael, I live in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. On weekdays I travel by train to Sydney where I manage a flower shop. My passion is patchwork and quilting which I've been doing since June 2008 ( I nervously bought my first rotary cutter and cutting mat and a few fat quaters from the 2008 Patchwork and Quilting Show in Darling Harbour). I've got a lovely boyfriend who is lots of fun and we enjoy cooking yummy food and drinking delicious wine or interesting cocktails.. I guess these are all the things you'll find me talking about.
Now.. where's the champagne!! Cheers!!


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