Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Whole Lotta Love and All That Jazz.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! We had a wonderful day of eating delicious food and simply being happy. One of my favourite treats from Santa has been some quality time in my sewing room over the last couple of days.

I started playing with these half square triangles back in August. As usual I was side tracked by other projects and they were pushed to one side.
I pulled them out recently and started putting the little squares on my design wall. I stood back and looked and wondered how it would look if the blocks were mixed up a bit.... Hmmm.. A few cups of tea later and I decided I enjoyed them better with the triangles pointing in all directions. Somehow it suits the electricity of the fabrics and I like the secondary patterns that appear and then disappear as you focus on another group of triangles.
So I kept going with the concept and have ended up with a top 77 x 84inches. Its really hard to capture the colours. Hopefully I'll have more luck in natural light outside when it's finished. I'm planning to quilt this myself, using good old stitch in the ditch.
Gbf popped in to my sewing room to have a cup of tea with me and of course the conversation centered around my quilt top. We thought that if the quilt was music it had gone from being pop to modern jazz. Great minds think alike when we both thought it looked like Ornette Coleman's music. My favourite piece of music by him is called Dancing in your Head so that is what I'm calling this quilt.

One top finished and another started...

The seed was planted last week when Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom showed previews of her next range. Amazing rich colours, fabulous glamorous patterns. It's perfectly called Crazy Love!!! Immediately I thought of using the fabrics to make a LOVE quilt with crazy piecing. Inspired by a few LOVE quilts Here, Here and Here. The catch is Crazy Love isn't being released until March next year. Too impatient to wait I grabbed some fabrics and have come up with this.

To give you an idea of scale each letter is 26inches high. I'll finish it off with patchy cream and neutral fabrics and make it up to queen size. It'll make the perfect wedding quilt for some friends who are getting married this year. When Crazy Love is released I'll use it to make a similar quilt for myself , or who knows what idea I'll come up with by then.

If you're wondering if there is a song to go with this quilt? Yes! There's a beautiful song by Van Morrison called Crazy Love. My favourite line is "The heavens open every time she smiles". How romantic is that! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Christmas Adventure

The other day I was listening to some Christmas carols. My toes were tapping and I was singing in my most festive voice along to Silent Night when all of a sudden an announcement was made over the radio...

It was a news flash about how Santa had been seen beating his reindeer.
"That couldn't be the real Santa. He would never hit his beloved reindeer!" I exclaimed.
I jumped into my little Blue Mountain Daisy Mobile and off I went to the North Pole to investigate.

I drove through streets full of people Christmas shopping, a happy buzz of excitement.
I put my pedal down and raced to the North pole, I knew I had to get there in time to save Christmas!! Vrroommm!!
After a while I saw some snowmen and figured I must be getting close to Santa's Workshop. I stopped to ask directions, At first they gave me an icy stare and a cold shoulder but I asked ever so nicely and warmed their hearts a little. They said Santa's Workshop was just a bit further down the road.
In no time I was there and as I hopped out of my car a Green Santa came rushing over with a menacing look on his face.
" Ha" I said "Santa isn't really green! I knew it- You're an Impostor!!"

And before he could say anything I took a deep breath and said loudly in a big clear voice "Bah! Humbug! Bah! Humbug!"
And believe it or not it worked!! The nasty green Santa shrunk into a very surprised little puppy and then he scampered away.

The real Santa came out of hiding and we all danced a merry jig to celebrate!!
The reindeer were so happy that they gave me a ride around Santa's gardens.

I helped Santa's little helpers wrap presents for all the good little boys and girls.
And then we all had cups of delicious cocoa.

And enjoyed singing a few rounds of "Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas".

And we were all as happy as a pink poodle dressed for Christmas in reindeer horns.

The End.

No reindeer were harmed during the making of this story and No new fabric was purchased to make this post, it was all from my stash of many surprises. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give Away Day Winner

Before I announce the winner of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day prize I have to thank everyone so much for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments about your favourite crafting/sewing accessories.

Rulers. needles, super scissors, fabulous lights, Accuquilt cutters, computers/iPod, chocolate were all mentioned... 3 cheers for all those things!!

A lot of you said an unpicker or seam ripper. I totally agree!! I always say I feel as though I unpick more than I sew!! The catch is I could never seem to find one when I was in the middle of a sewing crisis so I went out and bought 5. They are now placed in strategic positions all over my sewing room.

Another popular favourite is the Rotary Cutter. I have to admit I've taken mine for granted. They've been around for all the time I've quilted so I guess I don't really know what it would be like to cut every single thing out with scissors. You all opened my eyes and I promise I'll be more appreciative of my Rotary Cutter in future.

Okay, this might be cheating because it's not specifically a sewing tool but My most favourite, favourite accessory at the moment is our robot vacuum cleaner!! We call him Walter because he vacuums from wall to wall. He happily cleans our floors twice a week while we're at work and for me it means precious Extra Sewing Time!!! He's such a Neato little guy!!
So finally... Who is the winner? It wasn't really me who chose, I left it up to Mr Random Number Selector , I could never choose out of all the wonderful comments, okay...Drum roll...

... It's Deb from Works in Progress. She's a crafty, quilting, thrifty blogger from New Zealand. I'm sure she'll have fun sewing Queen of the May blocks.

I couldn't resist whipping up a Christmassy Queen Of May. If you want to have a go at making some you'll find the templates on the Material Obsession website.

Thanks again to Sew Mama Sew for hosting Give Away Day!!

Time to go and sew now!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! It's Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!!!!

I came up with my Give Away gift idea when I received so many wonderful comments about my Very Merry Merry Go Round Quilt during the last Bloggers Quilt Festival. It's those wonderful Queen of The May blocks that make it so much fun! Imagine them on cushions, table runners or a feature on a skirt.

So to help you on your way to making some Queen of the May Blocks I'm giving away a set templates. These are made by Material Obsession and result in a 12 inch circle. I'll include some instructions and tips.
Your templates will always be safe and cosy in this little pouch I made for them.
And so you can see what you are making you'll receive a cute little doll quilt featuring a Queen of the May block.

So what do you have to do to win this fun give away?

1) Leave a comment and answer this easy question...

What is your favourite sewing/crafting accessory or equipment? Could it be an unpicker, a Go! Baby cutter, an heirloom thimble, a lucky crochet hook?

2) My super fabulous followers get to leave another comment!!

I'll ship world wide!!

Normally I enjoy replying to comments by email but past experience has taught me that Giveaway Day can get pretty busy!!! So I'll thank you all now for taking the time to visit my part of the blogosphere, I wish you all luck and hope everyone wins something!!

This Giveaway is now closed. The biggest Thank You to everyone who entered and left such wonderful comments!!! The next Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is in May, I already have some fun ideas brewing...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello Emu

I promised to show photos of my Oi Emu! quilt when it was finished... Voila!!

A big thanks to Gbf for hanging it up for me. I think he knows I'd be dangerous if I was let loose with a drill! Or maybe he's seen my wonky lines and is worried about what angle the quilt would hang at. Lol!!
Some people have asked where I found the Emu panel. Well, There's a short answer and a long answer.... The short answer is a shop called Cloth.

The long answer...This gorgeous shop stopped me in my tracks when I first walked by a few years ago. It's located a few blocks from Sydney's Central train station. And on the way to a place I would work every second Wednesday. Being an early bird the shop was always closed as I went by but that didn't stop me from peeking through the windows at all the fabric goodness. Even their Closed sign was the coolest I'd ever seen...One day I decided I had to go in when the shop was...


The nature of the business is screen printing "the old fashioned way". They enjoy working with linen, hemp and organic cottons. Awesome furnishing fabrics that make me want to redecorate my house!

If you look past the amazing rose curtain you can see an Emu print on canvas.
The clever Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession knows a good thing when she sees it and has been incorporating their fabrics in quilts, skirts and other crafty craftiness. Cloth have now released a range of quilting weight cottons called Working Cloth. Check out these fabulous big spots!!

Cloth have also produced bed linen in big bold contemporary designs. Julie Patterson's amazing Banksia flower designs are inspired by the banksias that grow in the Blue Mountains, no wonder I love those prints.

There's those wonderful banksias again!!

The shop front isn't huge but every corner is full of chic, cool, elegant inspiration.

Oh the sheer loveliness of it all!!

I would have loved to have purchased bolts of yummy Cloth...

but it was Mr Emu who called me over and talked me into buying him. I bought a little bundle of fabric off cuts to keep him company. Some of which also made their way into Oi Emu.

So that's the story of where I found the Emu. Isn't it wonderful that the fabrics we use have stories behind them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun Bloggy Times

Last Saturday I had a lovely visit from a blog friend, Terry of Terry's New Thread. I kicked myself afterwards because I forgot to take photos. I could have taken photos of Terry and her beautiful hand stitched patchwork she's working on, fussy cut hexagons and stars. But what I can share photos of is the beautiful sewing pouch she made me.

I just love the big blue Jane Sassaman sunflower on the front. I've told Gbf (the garden is his domain) I'd like a patch of sunflowers planted in front of my sewing room window. I wish I could have blue ones just like this!

Terry found lots of daisy fabrics in her scraps. Some pieces were only as big as the pieces used.

This handy wallet is perfect for my hexagons. I'll keep it well stocked in my handbag so I can pull it out whenever the moment is right. The scissor pocket is so precious, it looks like a little bunch of flowers. Thank you Terry!!

I was so honoured last week when I saw that Jo from Bearpaw blog was inspired to make a similar doll quilt to one I had made earlier in the year. I know she doesn't mind if I share the mosaic she made of them of them side by side. I'm loving all those spots and dots. Hey, does anyone know if there is a difference between a spot and a dot? I've always wondered... Anyway you can read more about Jo's quilt here on her blog.

I gave my little star quilt away in the last Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, which just so happens to be coming up again on the 12/12. That's next Monday! Here's a sneak peek of my offering...

Have you got a giveaway planned for the big day? It's lots of fun!! Here's the link to find out more.


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