Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playing Favourites...

Mary of Molly Flanders recently posed the question 
"What is your favourite quilt?"
I've wondered about it for a couple of days and have narrowed it down to 4 quilts... here they are.. quick, before I change my mind and think of other favourites :)

First up is the very first quilt I made. 
Whenever I pull this quilt out to use I still stop to admire the fabulous fabrics and colours. These fabrics are the reason I'm a quilter. I couldn't resist those big, bright modern patterns, I just had to use them to make something! This quilt is simply called The Rachael Quilt and will always be special because it started me on my quilting journey. 

My next favourite quilt, Lucky Dip, was my first exploration into liberated quilting.  I'd bought Gwen Marston's Liberated Quitmaking book. The next day I start sewing scraps together. I became obsessed and 3 weeks later I had a finished quilt. 
Lucky Dip is such a big, colourful scrappy cosy quilt that lives on the couch. A perfect Sunday afternoon reading quilt or it keeps us warm on winter evenings when watching movies. Every time I use it I spy surprise combinations of fabrics or favourite fabric scraps that make me smile. 

My Super Star quilt is a favourite for sure! 
It's a such striking quilt. I really love everything about this quilt. It has my favourite backing made with an odd assortment of ugly fabrics which proved to me every fabric has a place. I also really enjoyed quilting it with perle thread in lots of different colours. Thanks to Tonya Ricucci and UnRuly Quilting blog for inspiring this quilt with her Unruly Amish challenge.

My fourth favourite is another challenge quilt. Oi Emu was made in response to a corduroy sew along hosted my LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts in honour of Corduroy Day 11/11/11.  I enjoy this quilt because of the it's neutral colours, the movement in the shapes and the textures of the corduroy, linen and upholstery fabrics. And it looks great on my lounge room wall! 

So these are my favourites today... if you ask me next week I'll probably have different choices. I believe every very quilt has a little spark that makes it special.

If you're curious about reading more about these quilts here are the links to the original posts... 

So... Do you have a favourite quilt? 
Tell me about it or write a post and link up with Molly Flanders blog where Mary is hosting a linky party for fabulous favourites!!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013


When Le Challenge announced their recent theme of Heroes I honestly thought I might skip this one. Heroes just didn't spark any inspiration. I did try to get enthused by pulling some Superman fabric out of my stash. It just sat there on my cutting mat...

In the meantime I did a tutorial about how I applique circles...

I figure I had to use that sample circle for something and not let it go to waste. 
 I have way too many quilts on the go so I thought to myself , Why not make a scarf?  
So I did...

I was cutting out circles when Superman called out and said he wanted to be included in my scarf. You can't argue with Superman. 

So the Man of Steel got to be part of the bubbly fun.


Last week had an interesting turn of events. Tuesday was just a blur of fire engine sirens as a nearby part of the Blue Mountains was ravaged by bushfire. We packed our bags in case we needed to evacuate. 

The fires burned more than 1300 hectares of bush over a few days. Hundreds of firefighters did an amazing job of fighting the fire and saving homes. 

This morning Gbf and I went to inspect the charred remains of what was once lush green bush. It was really quite eerie walking through the black landscape. The smell of smoke still filled the air and we even came across the occasional tree that was still smouldering. 

Those brave Firefighters put their lives on the line to save ours and our homes. It's hard to find the words for what that means. Simply, they are real life Heroes. 

After that I think Heroes is a brilliant theme. It's a great reminder that there are heroes all around making the world a much better place to be. 

Le Challenge

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrifty fun.

Who can resist a rainbow of colours

I certainly couldn't, especially when I saw this swatch of colours was only $2.50!!

The pieces were 2.5 x 6 inches. 

I cut them into squares, then sewed diagonally to make half square triangles. 

It was a good excuse to use my Bloc Loc HST ruler. The ruler 'locks' onto the seam and stops the square moving as you trim it. It's nice to know your fingers are well away from the blade as you cut small pieces. The easy to read measurements make accuracy a breeze. 

  It really did make trimming those little squares easier.

For the layout I went for a very random look and then added a black border to frame all that colour. The finished size is 14 inches. I'm currently quilting it by sewing little french knots at the corners of each square. 

I've also been playing with old jeans. 

Roughly cut and pieced. I love the way the shades of denim look so calm.  
 A perfect contrast for the crazy combination of fabrics that are having a party on the back. 

Pin , Pin ,  Pin .
I wish it wasn't so hard to take photos of quilting...
I've done a mixture of machine and hand quilting. The machine quilting helps stabilise the quilt and adds variety to the texture but quilting with perle 8 is my true joy. Lovely big stitches of pretty colours. 

I'll be stitching away on this quilt for a while...

To finish off my thrifty sewing post here's a sweet dish I found recently. 

You just have to smile at a dish that has happy people waving at you. 


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