Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eat, Drink and Be Merry - Happy as A Clam

Years ago I used to watch a show called Surprise Chef. In each episode Aristos the chef would surprise someone in the supermarket and offer to make dinner using the things in their shopping cart. I was always impressed at how he easily he'd transform the oddest combinations into an amazing 3 course dinner.
If Aristos the chef came across my shopping trolley and found the following ingredients I wonder what he'd make?

How about Carrots glazed in cinnamon and honey served with Smiley Ketchup?

Dessert would be Strawberry icecream 

Served with wedges of refreshing watermelon.

Followed by a nice cup of  Blue Daisy tea. 



While I've sewed these clamshells we've had all sorts of weather.

I think you can tell this one was stiched on a hot summers day.

It was always lovely when there was a breeze in the evenings and we could enjoy watching the bunting dance.

Then there were extra windy days, perfect for flying kites,

And those inevitable rainy days. (This clamshell is only half finished, but you get the idea)

Luckily there's a fun umbrella.

I would often stitch away until the moon and stars shone brightly in the sky 

And I'd watch for a falling star to put in my pocket. 

So which clamshells will I show next? I still haven't shown you the flowers, and I have a few others to share too, so stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Happy as A Clam. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Furry Critters, Smiley Faces & Friendly Fabrics - Happy As A Clam

It's time for more clam shells!!

A happy cat for Tonya.

Here's a cute kitty dancing in the rain.

From the same fabric, here's a rabbit with a shoe on her head! How surreal!! I wonder if it's from a fairytale? 

Hello little bunny, How does your garden grow? 

I must like rabbits because here's another one.

And a fluffy tail bunny hopping over a seam.

There's only one little dog, but he's a sweetie.

Curious George came to play in the clam shells

He's always up to something!!

Do you think this little girl looks a bit too green?

This one is happy because she's got daisies in her hair.

Another smiling face. 

And something unexpected. 

Little friends in stripey socks.

and some with bunches of balloons.

Lets finish up with some merry dancing!!

 I hope you're not getting tired of seeing these clam shells yet. I've still some fun flowery ones to show 

And some surprise ones too!!

And just in case you haven't seen the other clam shells posts, here are the links:

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Bubbles - A Finished Quilt.

Remember a little while ago I showed photos of a squares quilt I was working on?

Well... I guess I didn't mention the sqaures were only one side of the quilt.

Okay, How about I start at the beginning... 
Ages and ages ago I had the idea of making a coverlet of circles. Lots and lots of two sided circles stitched together, some overlapping and some barely touching except for a few stitches. I could picture this bubbly coverlet hanging over the foot of a bed, or being a double sided curtain for a glass door. 

It was one of those ideas that didn't really work very well, and after sewing a few circles together I packed them away and promptly moved onto the next project. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I got my order of Sis Boom's Beauty Queen fabrics. I was admiring the pretty stack when I remembered my bubble circles and decided it was about time I brushed the dust off and used them in a quilt.
So I cut some Beauty Queen into squares, added lots of different Sis Boom fabrics from past ranges and soon had a finished flimsy. After auditioning lots of different backing fabrics I settled on natural linen. It's not as cold and stark as white tones, and I like the texture of linen. 

The reason I needed a nice friendly neutral colour was because it was to be the back drop for the flurry of colourful circles. 

So as you can see the squares quilt is really a very bubbly circle quilt. 

But it looks just as pretty on both sides.

Of course there has to be a folded quilt photo to show off the colourful scrappy binding.

The name Bubbles might be a bit plain but it's what I called the circles from the very beginning and the name has stuck around.  

Not like these short lived bubbles photographed with the quilt. 

When was the last time you blew bubbles? 
I'd forgotten how magical it is to watch them float through the air. 

So that's it, the story of Bubbles, the quilt that wasn't as square as it looked. 

Quilt Stats
Name: Bubbles
Designed, pieced and quilted by me, Rachaeldaisy.
Size: 64x66 inches
Fabrics: Except for the linen all the fabrics are Sis Boom from lots of different ranges. 
The linen has been in my cupboard for a while so I'm not sure of it's details. 


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