Are You A No Reply Blogger?

I love getting comments. It so wonderful to know there are people reading my ramblings and visiting my blog so when someone takes the time to leave a message I really like to reply to thank them by email. 
I understand some bloggers reply to comments by commenting on the same post which is great if it's the sort of information others may like to read too, but I know I very, very rarely go back to a post that I've read to see if there is a reply. There just so many blogs to read and so little time!

The catch is some people have their Blogger profile set to No Reply which means I have no way of emailing them. Or if you win a giveaway you can't be contacted. :(

It's easy to change

*Go to your Dashboard
*Select "Edit Profile" ( it's near your little picture)
*Check the box for "Show my Email Address"
*Save changes

If you're worried about getting junk email or weirdos emailing you then I can only speak from my experience and I've never had anything like that, only the nicest, funniest comments from people whose blogs I follow. 

I hope this helps.


NB.  There are also times I try to reply to a comment but I get the persons Google+ page which I just find confusing. They don't seem to have an email listed. 


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