Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Picking A Winner From a Bouquet of Flowers

Well here it is - the enormous bouquet of daisies you all helped to create with all your wonderful comments about my 4th blogiversary!!
 Thank you so much! I couldn't have asked for a more lovely gift than a big bunch of colourful flowers.

 I had planned to pick a winner by choosing a flower straight from the bouquet but after receiving so many entries somehow that just didn't seem enough so I extended the process a bit. Here's what I ended up doing. 

I wrote your names on individual flowers and then mixed them all up so I wouldn't know which flower was where. Then I went and got Gbf and asked him to choose 25 flowers. 

We folded those 25 daisies and put them into this white vase.

Then 10 flowers were randomly selected from the white vase and given to the blue boy to put in his wheelbarrow.

From here 4 blooms where chosen 

to become ducks wings! While I placed the wings into position Gbf looked away and thought of a number...  he picked the number 2!

The second duck revealed Gill's name so she's the lucky winner of the Swoon Houses!!
Congratulations Gill!! 

Thank you so much again to all who took part in the giveaway!! I might just have some more giveaways coming up, you just never know.
If you would like to make your own Swoon Houses block here is the link to a tutorial. Of course I have to thank Camille Roskelly for designing the Swoon block in the first place. All I really did was add doors and windows. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Chickens Of Daisyland.

I've been meaning to introduce my chickens for some time now and what better time than Easter.

We'll start with Ginger Fluff. Her motto is "Can I have a banana?" 
She's the adventurer of the two. When we let them out of the coop she heads straight for the horizon. We soon learnt to have a banana nearby to lure her home. 
If she could be anything she would be an explorer and go in search of tropical islands full of tasty exotic fruit. Or an Astronaut because she thinks there are bananas on the moon. 
She is an Isa Brown chicken but we think she has some Leghorn to give her such pretty marbled toffee coloured feathers.

Her best friend is Maybellene whose motto is "Eat now and think later!" 
She lives for eating! Her favourite treats are bugs, and tomatoes, and silverbeet, and most other things too. If she could be anything it would be a chef cooking big hearty meals using all sorts of interesting and unusual ingredients. 
We think Maybellene is part Isa Brown and part goat because of her inclination to eat everything and anything. 

They are very best friends. I think because there is only two of them neither seems to be the bossy one. They play little chasey games and pinch food from each other but just when you think one is being more dominant somehow the tables turn and it's the other one calling the shots

The have a whole garden to explore but they like to eat in the same area as each other. 

Sometimes they look like a two headed chicken. 

Here's their little house. We had a fox come and visit us one morning. It was lucky Gbf spotted it and we chased it away yelling and screaming like crazy people. You can just imagine! The incident took us by surprise because we really didn't think foxes lived around here. We've since heard where there's chickens there'll be foxes. Gbf has now built a super coop that is totally fox proof and this little house sits inside it so they have their little nesting boxes and sleeping perch.

It's been a funny ride adjusting to having chickens. There have been times they've been threatened with an axe but mostly they are very cute and very entertaining with their funny little ways. 

And of course they produce such yummy eggs! Extra bright yellow yolks and whites so fluffy you just want to make omelettes. 

So that's the story of Ginger Fluff and Maybellene, the happy little chickens of Daisyland.

They wish you all a very happy and Eggsellent Easter!

*News Flash - I'm honoured to be the featured quilter on Amy's Creative Side blog. Pop over here to read my quilty ramblings. *

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hot Cross Bun Fun and a Bit of Quilting.

I felt like a sleepy koala when I got up early this morning to make Hot Cross Buns.  
Making my own has become a tradition in our household. Making Gbf wait utill I've taken photos for the blog has also become part of the tradition :) He's learnt to be patient. 
I like to add extra fruit and extra, extra cinnamon. They don't look quite as perfect as the ones that you can buy but they sure do taste delicious!
Especially with a nice cup of coffee, and the morning chatter of birds in the background. 

Gbf and I have a garden oriented Easter ahead of us. Our yard has been ambushed by weeds and overgrown pumkin vines. It would be great to get the garden beds prepared for some winter veggie seedlings and the sooner the sweetpeas and pansies get planted the sooner we'll see their cheery flowers. 
We're also hoping to fit in a day trip to visit some gardens full of autumnal blooms and golden Fall tones. It's such a beautiful time of year. 

 When I'm not working in the garden I'll be quilting my Conversation quilt. 
As you can see I'm enjoying emphasizing the geometric shapes of the blocks with my stitches. I'm using a mix of threads - perle8, some tapestry yarn and some embroidery floss.

The catch, quite literally, is that I'm using batting with scrim, it was what I had in my cupboard. It's fine for the perle8 thread which easily glides through but I'm finding the tapestry yarn gets caught in the batting. The result is I'm not going to use the yarn as much as I thought, but I'll still use it in a few place because I like the big chunky stitches.

Last but not least - An enormous THANK YOU!!! to everyone who wished me a happy blogiversary and left such wonderful comments! There are lots of daisies with names on them. The giveaway is still open until midday Monday, Blue Mountains, time so you still have time to be part of the fun. 
I noticed a few of you are No Reply bloggers. If I didn't reply to your comment then it's a good idea to check your settings. Go to Edit Profile on your blog and check the box that says "Show My Email" and then enter your email. Save your settings and then you're done. It's that easy, but let me know if you need help. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

4 Cheers for 4 Years - A Giveaway.

Today is my 4 year blogiversary! 

When I began my little blog 4 years ago I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become. I simply started because I was just discovering blogs and thought it would be fun to be a participant. It has turned out to be so much more. 

I found I enjoy taking photos....
of all sorts of things. 

It keeps me on track with my projects... 

most of the time.

It's a place where I can let my imagination run wild 
with tall tales and fun adventures.

I enjoy sharing inspiration

and showing where I live

but the best thing about starting a blog 4 years ago of all is the wonderful people I've met. All around the world!! Online and in real life. Thank you to you all for making this a fun place to be!!! 

So it's 4 cheers for 4 years!!  
And the perfect time to have a Giveaway! 
The Swoon House mini quilt is finished and ready to send. 

If you would like to be in the draw then tell me in a comment how you follow eg Bloglovin, Feedly, email etc  and I'll put your name on a flower. That's right, no Mr Random for me, I'll be using the Daisy method of picking the winner. I'll write your name on a paper daisy and put it in a vase. An unsuspecting person will pick the winning daisy on Monday 21st April, 12midday, Blue Mountains, Australia, time.
This is a celebration of my blog so it's for wonderful Blue Mountain Daisy followers only, of course new followers are very welcome.  I'm happy to send the parcel to anywhere in the world. 

What a great 4 years - here's to many more!!!

The Giveaway is now closed - Thank you so much to all who entered and made my 4th blogiversary such a fun one!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raffle Quilt and Happy Mail

Check out this quilt!! 

It's this years Springwood Quilt Show raffle quilt. The Springwood Quilt Show Committee have done a wonderful job of making this quilt based on an English quilt from the 1820's. I wish I had close up photos of the fabrics but I can tell you they are a wonderful mix of  beautiful reproduction fabrics. And don't you just love that wide sashing with hexagons. Brilliant!

If you want to see this quilt live then head to the Springwood High School , Grose St, Faulconbridge on the last weekend of April. Doors open on Friday at 11am until 5pm, Saturday and Sunday are 10am until 4pm. 
There'll be about 150 quilts on display and lots of great stall holders selling tempting wares. 
For more information have a look at the Springwood Quilt Show Blog.

If you'd like to join in behind the scenes they're looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday. It's a great way of helping out and joining in the fun. I always enjoy hanging the quilts and then packing up when it's over. Gbf helps too, it gives him a chance to get his big ladder out of the shed. I'll be on white glove duty sometime over the weekend so if you see me say hello.


The postie has been delivering fun parcels. Diane from O'Quilts has been making a parade of potholders! And she shared some with me!
 Not just one but three! I'm going to hang them and admire them rather than use them as potholders.

It takes a crafter to know how special a gift of thread is. Jessica Wheelerhan (she's the creater of the cool hand printed Text/Type fabrics I showed here a while ago) suprised me with this lovely grey misty thread. I love how she's wound it onto some driftwood from an exotic beach side holiday. 

As for sewing I've been attaching hanging sleeves and labels onto my show quilts, sewing binding onto some mini quilts and bending needles, even breaking them while hand sewing a denim quilt. Ouch! I know I should have photos to show you but I'm a bit slow with my new camera. I figured it would be another week before I did a post and you'd all be wondering where I was by then. So sewing photos can wait for another day. I'll just have more to show :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catching up

My Simple Squares quilt is finished. 

Oh lovely squares!! Easy going, friendly squares. One size to cut and I didn't have to think too much as I sewed them together. I simply quilted in the ditch creating a 4 inch checkerboard of stitches on the back. It's bound in some navy fabric I had in my cupboard. Easy peasy, done and dusted.. or is it ? ... there might be more to this quilt than meets the eye... expect it when you least expect it. :)

Last weekend we had Gbf's sister come to stay with us. It's always a pleasure to show off our beautiful Blue Mountains, especially with a trip to one of my favourite places, Pulpit Rock Lookout, near Blackheath. 

To get there you have to drive through a long tunnel of gum trees along a bumpy dirt road. Then there's a pleasant 10 minute walk down stairs made from rock and along a path lined with wild flowers, sculptural trees and pretty orange butterflies. When you come to the clearing you realise you're actually on a ridge sticking out into an amazing canyon. 

And these are the views!

It's hard to capture the size of the valley in the photos. This photo might give an indication, the little specks in the center are Gbf and his sister.

The clouds were particularly beautiful!

That was it for photos because my camera stopped working ( sad face). It's been misbehaving for a while now but I've accepted the inevitable and decided to get a new camera ( happy face) and it will be a definite step up from what I've been using ( very happy face!!!). A Canon EOS D600! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week and will do a review once I've had a chance to play around with it. 

Remember my Swoon Houses? 

 Sunna from Sunnyquilts blog in Iceland has made a wonderful version with smiley faces in the windows and a big shining center star. Check out her Dream Villiage version at Sunnyquilts blog, and say hello, she's been busy making wonderful quilts. There's a big star quilt I'm particularly drawn to. 

Hmm I seem to remember saying I'd get my Swoon Houses quilted by April, boy this year sure is flying by, I'd better get onto it, no more dilly dallying!


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