Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Colourful Hexagon Adventure

It's probably a good idea to make yourself a cup of tea,  I'll wait...

Oh good, you're back, now let's begin ...

The Case Of The Missing Rabbits 

 A story told through hexagons, by Rachaeldaisy

One fine sunny day Billie Boy and Gertie Girl went outside to say hello to their two pet rabbits. They stopped to smell some flowers along the way and watched a butterfly flutter by. It was such a lovely day in the garden but when they reached the rabbit hutch it was empty. 
The rabbits were missing!!
" Oh dear. Where can those bunnies be?!?" they both exclaimed.

They looked around and saw some birds sitting in a tree. 
"Hello Birds. Have you seen our 2 bunnies." Billie and Gertie asked. 
"Tweet, tweet. We saw them go down the path and around the corner." The birds tweeted in their sing song voices

"Oh No" cried Billie and Gertie and they rushed off down the path and around the corner, where they ran into two lovely ladies. 

"Hello Lovely Ladies, have you by any chance seen our two little bunnies come this way?" Billie and Gertie enquired.
"Why, we Did see some bunnies hopping by a while ago. They went down the road and past the colourful flower gardens" The lovely ladies answered, and they pointed towards some beautiful flowery garden beds. 

Billie and Gertie ran off in the direction that they had pointed. 

They found their good friend Little Bo Peep wandering along the path.

They called out to her "Little Bo Peep, Have you seen our rabbits?".
"No I haven't! I've been too busy looking for my sheep!" she replied and then she burst into tears and started crying.
"There, there Little Bo Peep, no need to cry. If we see your sheep we'll send them back to you." said Billie
"They probably be wagging their tails behind them" added Gertie reassuringly.
That seemed to cheer up Little Bo Peep a little bit.

 And so Billie and Gertie continued on their way in search of the missing rabbits.

The next little group they came across was a little group of dogs running around in circles, a smiley cup and a soup pot with some friendly mushrooms.
None of them had seen the bunnies but meeting them reminded Billie and Gertie that they were thirsty so they stopped to have a refreshing cup of tea. 

Along came Mr Cat InATopHat and little Pink Kitten. 
Billies and Gertie enquired if they had seen their two missing bunnies. 
"I'm sorry to say, No bunnies have come this way." said Mr Cat In A Top Hat.
" Why don't you look in the newspaper to see if there is any mention of them there?" suggested little Pink Kitten,

"What a great Idea!!" cried Billie and Gertie. 
They bought all the newspapers and read them cover to cover. Although there were lots of colourful stories there was no mention of two runaway bunnies.

However they did notice a colourful page that announced the grand circus was in town. Billie and Gertie both agreed that if they were rabbits that's where they would go. So off they went to investigate.

The circus was on the other side of the river so to get there they rode their bicycles and then hopped on a boat.

Before too long they arrived at the circus. They were greeted by some beautiful circus horses who with a whistle and a toss of their feathery head pieces called over the Ringmaster. 

"Hello" greeted Billie and Gertie "Our two rabbits have disappeared. Have you seen them hopping around?"
"What do they look like?" asked the ringmaster.
"They have lovely long ears" said Gertie
"And they love to dance!! " added Billie
"Well, If they like to dance, let's play some music and maybe that will entice them to come out of hiding. " suggested the Ring Master. 
So he called out the circus's finest drummer clown who beat out a catchy, toe-tapping tune on his drum.

And guess what!!

Out came two lovely long eared bunnies dancing a merry jig.

"Yippee" Billie and Gertie, and all the circus folk cheered!!!
The runaway bunnies looked very relieved to see their owners. Their story was that they'd just gone for a little wander but soon lost their way and didn't know how to get home.

Billie and Gertie said thank you to the circus folk. They bundled up their two tired bunnies and off they went on the boat that took them home to their little cottage...

Where they had a delicious dinner and laughed about their colourful, adventurous day. 

And they all lived happily ever after.  

The End.

P.S. No extra hexagons were cut out for this story. They were all taken from the pile of hexagons I'd made for my dilly bags. It's easy to let my imagination run wild with stories when I'm stitching with such cute fabrics. I hope my story made you smile. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Ring Quilt Sighting and a New Project.

I yelped with glee this morning when I opened my inbox and found this photo from Barbara in Virginia. It was taken at the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Fredericksburg,VA, where she found my Double Denim Wedding Ring quilt hanging in the show. 
Hello Barbara , I'm waving back at you!! Thank you so much for sending me a photo!!

I've added the tour dates as a page just under my header so if you need to check if the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Exhibit is coming to a town near you the information will be there. The next show is this weekend in Overland Park, KS. 


Very Exciting News Flash!! I'm getting a new sewing room!!  This sad looking garage area is soon going to have lovely crisp white walls that I'll cover in design walls and cupboards. The floor will be white tiles, easy to sweep and nasty pins won't be able hide in the carpet. Best of all I will have more space so I won't have to put my ironing board in the hallway when I'm trying to sew. My fingers are crossed that I'll be in my new studio sewing up a storm by Christmas.  

And because that was such an unattractive photo I'll show you some lovely native flowers that are brightening up the garden at the moment. 

I love Flannel Flowers!! They look soft but they are tough survivors that grow in hot dry areas. As their name implies they really do look and feel just like flannel!

Pretty furry, flannelly leaves too. 

The spring sun has really brought the Kangaroo Paw flowers into bloom.

Oh and I might have started a new project. I was very tempted when I saw Mel from House on the Side of The Hill blog was making Judy Newman's Dilly Bag with pretty hexagons. It was when Mel mentioned that the bag only needs 36 hexagons and a few half hexagons that I was convinced. It doesn't take very long to whip up a few hexagons after all.
 So I raided my scraps and started cutting, and then I pulled a more fabrics out of my cupboards and when I came out of my cutting frenzy I realised I have a lot more than 36 hexies prepared.

I have enough for at least 2 bags, LOL. Oh well, you can't have enough of a good thing.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Little Bit of Binding

This is one of my most favourite fabrics from my stash . 

Soul Garden by Carolyn Gavin has been sitting there on the shelf looking pretty, with an easy going smile. When I purchased it all those moons ago I imagined that it would be perfect for sashing between colourful blocks, or just the right dark print to give some scrappy piecing depth, it could have even made a fun tizzy border to contrast with big scale prints.

This weekend I used it for binding. Good old humble binding. 
It was a hard to let go of all the dreams I had for it 
But then I knew it would look just right. 

I combined it with another stash favourite. I bought 5 yards of this Flea Market Fancy fabric in my first year of quilting. That pink is such a great rich, summery shade of pink. Those posies of flowers would have beautiful on big wide borders, or even a fabulous summer skirt. 
Almost too good to use as backing for my latest quilt...
but then again, it's perfect.

It's been lovely spending time with these two fabrics as they become friends and seeing them get along so well. 

I know I'm late to the party but I finally got some clips for holding the binding in place as I sew. Oh why did I wait so long? they really help with a much more even result, I just love crisp, straight binding. Best of all they saved me from being spiked a zillion times by pins. If you haven't tried these clips I highly recommend giving them a go!

As for the quilt... no photos of it today I'm afraid. 
Good things come to those who wait. 
Really, they do!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Flowery Welcome To October.

I've been thinking of doing flowery blog posts on the first day of each month. After all flowers are such a wonderful cue for the changing seasons, they make a wonderful welcome tribute and most of all it's always fun to play with pretty blooms. 

 My plan is to be a bit creative with these posts and throw in something quirky, a twist you might not have seen before.

Like eggs...

Yes, that's right,

Egg Vases!!

The perfect vessel for tiny little blooms.

So light they practically float in branches. 

In the end I took them outside and left them as a gift for the birds or faeries.

My welcome gift to October!!

Flowers used: Pansies, Fringe Flower, May Bush, Seaside Daisies, Ivy leaves and the dry branches are Corky Elm.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I did something other than Sewing!

On Friday afternoons at work the conversation usually turns to our plans for the weekend. My fellow florists get up to all sorts of different things whereas my reply is usually " Oh you know me... I'll be sewing".
This week I had something different to say!! 
My reply was " Mr Daisy and I going on a a twilight trip on a vintage steam train through the Blue Mountains!!" 

And that's what we did. 

On Saturday at precisely 4.48pm the train arrived in clouds of steam and smoke. 

The sound was thunderous!! Really, really, really loud!!!

We were in economy but it seemed luxurious compared to modern trains. 

We settled in nicely

and were soon on our way.

I didn't capture it in a photo but at lots of points along the tracks people were lined up to wave as we flew by. Of course we had fun waving back!!

The views were picturesque,  the Blue Mountains are always beautiful. 
Travelling with the windows wide open created a more intimate experience with the passing vistas. The wind blew in our faces and also blew in little bits of coal from the engine. At one point I looked down and noticed the little bits of coal had gathered on in my napkin,

Some detail shots from around our carriage,

funny how I'm attracted to circles in my photos. 

Our destination was Katoomba where the train waited while we had an hour and a half for dinner. Luck had it that there was a restaurant across the road from the station that we'd been wanting to try. Bistro Niagara was wonderful - great service, great food, great atmosphere. A real gem in the mountains, we'll definitely go back.

By the time we returned to catch the train home it was dark. 

but that just added to the fun and added another element of the experience. 

As we pulled away from the station the conductor kindly offered to turn off the lights in our compartment so we could more easily see out the windows. It was a clear night and the stars really put on an extra shiny show for us. As we rolled through the mountains on our way home we reminisced about our train trips in the past from the Red Rattlers from our childhood days to stories of travelling overseas. 

We soon arrived at our station. Happy travellers, slightly windswept. 

It was so good to get out and do something different. It certainly blew the cobwebs away.
 But it's also nice to spend the day in my sewing room - that's where I'll be today!!
And Mr Daisy will be off flying planes , but that's another story for another day. 

I hope you've got fun things planned too.


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